business (bank) account

Why stop at company formation only? go ahead - do business

The only safe, transparent, responsive and convenient business account. An accountant, bookkeeper and tax manager, all rolled into one. 

Incorporate your company, open a business account, and collect payments, make payments, all through a single and super platform – Tacsation.

business/bank account

  • instant account opening

    Send & receive money in just five minutes

  • No minimum

    Start a business with extra money in your pocket

  • no minimum balance

    Start a business with extra money in your pocket

  • Automated accounts

    Reconcile finances without leaving the Tacsation platform

The business account you can trust

01 Secure

Regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore under the Payment Services Act

02 transparent

No local transaction fees, no minimum balance, and no surprises!

03 All-inclusive

Convenient, one stop shop to automate finances and manage bookkeeping

04 responsive

An expert customer support team that brings solutions at all times

Register your company in 5 easy steps

  • 01

    Select a name for your idea/business
  • 02

    Upload the required documents
  • 03

    Transparent fees - online
  • 04

    We will do the rest while you take rest
  • 05

    Bingo!! You're good to go

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